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     Think of Engineering, think of the great feats of construction marvels down the years. From the construction of the pyramids to the construction of gigantic skyscrapers, engineering has played a very significant role. As we enter 21st century, INDIRA GANDHI POLYTECHNIC stands in the forefront to create effective leadership for facilitating dynamic technological advances and to encourage students to play a more significant role in driving those dynamic technological advances.

INDIRA GANDHI POLYTECHNIC aims to create a better future for all through effective leadership in engineering education excellence.


To become world class college that determinate high quality engineering education.To create climate that supports the effort of diverse group of students, faculty and staff and where effective learning and service are accomplished by working together.




To provide quality education in Engineering and Technology
To foster qualities of innovation and discovery.
To promote entrepreneurship abilities among the students .



INDIRA GANDHI POLYTECHNIC is committed to achieve and sustain all round excellent quality in all activities of our college, particularly quality education by ….

Spotting and encouraging innovative and inspiring talents of the students.

Enhancing infrastructural facilities and upgrading available human resources