About Us

   INDIRA GANDHI POLYTECHNIC symbolizes progress and leadership in engineering education, and service to the profession and the student community. A part of the prestigious SHRI CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI SHIKSHAN SANSTHA, it has emerged as a pioneer in quality engineering education in the Ahmednagar district and beyond.

   For us, engineering learning goes beyond the limits of conventional thought as our students and faculty push the boundaries of human understanding. Discovery is not static; it diversifies beyond boundaries to find answers to complex and challenging problems in all facets of engineering.

  The congenial and creative environment within our campus helps our engineering students to discover, learn and explore the limitless possibilities in the world of engineering and inspire themselves to tackle the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. Sophisticated specialized laboratory and research facilities ensure our pre-eminence in the field of engineering with our faculty and students getting to work in cutting-edge technology and most modern systems.

   INDIRA GANDHI POLYTECHNIC looks ahead to attract develop and strengthen the highest quality faculty, student body and staff in a supportive teaching, learning, and working environment.

   Our proud tradition of innovation based on a proud history of creativity, integrity, and success still endures, deeply committed to making a real and huge difference in human health, quality of life. The journey has just begun as the wheels of progress and growth accelerates on the highway to greater dreams and success ahead………….



To become world class college that determinate high quality engineering education.To create climate that supports the effort of diverse group of students, faculty and staff and where effective learning and service are accomplished by working together.




To provide quality education in Engineering and Technology
To foster qualities of innovation and discovery.
To promote entrepreneurship abilities among the students .



INDIRA GANDHI POLYTECHNIC is committed to achieve and sustain all round excellent quality in all activities of our college, particularly quality education by ….

Spotting and encouraging innovative and inspiring talents of the students.

Enhancing infrastructural facilities and upgrading available human resources