Department of Civil Engineering

Subject: Advanced Surveying                                                             Class: CE4G

Assignment No: 1

Date: 03/01/2017                                                                                 Submission Date: 09/01/2017

Q. 1. Define :

         (i) Contour   (ii) Contour interval   (iii) Contour line (iv) Horizontal equivalent

 Q.2. what are the factors on which contour interval depends?

Q.3 Distinguish Contour Interval from Horizontal Equivalent.

Q.4 Explain various characteristics of contours

Q.5 Draw the contour lines representing for features:

       (i) A gentle slope (ii) A steep slope (iii) A saddle (iv) A hill. (v) Valley: (vi) Over hanging cliff

Q. 6 State importance of contouring in the field of Civil Engineering.

Q.7 Explain the methods of locating contours and relative merits & demerits of each.

Q.8 Enumerate the stepwise procedure of interpolation of contours by arithmetic method with a   

       suitable example.

Q.9 Explain uses of contour maps.

Q.10 What is meant by grade contour? How to locate it?

Q.11 Determine area of figure with palnimeter having  IR =9.0 FR =4.50, C21.50 and M= 100 sqcm. Zero mark of the disc passes once in clockwise direction with anchor point inside the figure.