Report Structure

·      Index/Contents/Intent

·      List of Abbreviations

·      List of Figures

·      List of Graphs

·      List of  Tables






·      References

·      Appendices

·      Acknowledgement

1.      INTRODUCTION  (2-5 Pages)

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Necessity

1.3 Objective

1.4 Theme

1.5 Organization

2.      LITERATURE SURVEY (5-10 Pages)

Related information available in Standard books, Journals, Transactions, Internet Website etc.

3.      SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT(15-20 Pages)

Model Development

·         Analytical/Computational/Experimental/Mathematical/Statistical

(Out of above methods at least one method is to be used for model development)

4.      PERFORMANCE  ANALYSIS    (20-30 Pages)

·         Analysis of system developed either by at least two methods i.e. Analytical /Computational/ Statistical/Experimental or Mathematical

·         Result at various stages may compared with various inputs

·         Comparison of above result by at least two methods

·         Justification  for the differences or error

5.      CONCLUSION(1-2 Pages)

5.1 Conclusions

 5.2 Future Scope

 5.3 Applications/Utility

References  (1-2 Pages)

·         Author, “Title”, Name of Journal/Transaction/Book, Edition/Volume, Publisher, Year of Publication, pp._____.

·         These references must be reflected in text at appropriate places in square bracket

Acknowledgement (1 Page)

·          Expression of gratitude and thankfulness for helping in completion of project with name and lastly signed by the candidate.



General Guidelines

·         Text should be printed on front and correct side of watermark on quality bond paper

·         Paper size-A4,75to 85gsm paper

·         Left Margin-1.5”

·         Right Margin-1/2”

·         Top Margin-1”

·         Bottom Margin-1”

·         Text Width 6”

Page Numbers

·         First page of first chapter need not be printed any where

·         Second page onward at right hand corner at ½ inch from right and top side

·         From second chapter onwards starting page number of chapter should be printed at bottom center place

·         Report Total pages around  50-80


·         Follow American English

·         Example




·      All Greek word must be italic for e.g.,etc.,i.e.,et al.

General Attributes

·      Report heading –All Capital-16 Font

·      Chapter heading-All Capital-14 Font

·      Sub chapter-title case-12 Font

·      Sub- Sub chapter-First Alphabet Capital Case-12 Font

·      Page number for Index/Contents/Intent should in roman

·      Title of the report should not be more than two lines

·      Text page should be in times new roman

·      The page of the Index/Contents/Intent heading should be below the word for appropriate Subchapter or Sub- Subchapter as shown in sample copy.

·      Cover page should have (Mission statement of Institute) in inverted commas, Symbol of Institute ,Name of Department, and Institute


·      Black color, golden screen printed or embossed

·      Width of report should have front side degree e.g.-Diploma in Civil Engineering

·      Top place Title of Project, Central place Name of student.



                                                                                          (Prof.Gore S.B.)

Copy to: 1) General Notice Board.,  

               2) All Head of Departments /Project Guides.